Suasa (Gold Filled), Tube, 0.78x0.25mm, 1-pcs
Suasa (Gold Filled), Tube, 0.78x0.25mm, 1-pcs Spacer Tube Suasa (Gold Filled)  Kuala Lumpur (KL), Malaysia, Selangor, Klang, Kepong Wholesaler, Supplier, Supply, Supplies | K&K Crystal Sdn Bhd
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14Karat Gold Filled is a 14k gold sheet mechanically bonded to a core of brass or other base metal permanently. 
The surface of the 14k Gold Filled Jewerly is covered with 14k gold layer, the appearance is the same as 14k Jewerly and is it tarnish resistant. 
14Karat Gold Filled should meet the federal standard of at least 1/20th of the 14Karat Gold by weight overlay to qualify for this term GOLD FILLED. 
This is regulated by the Fair Trade Commission. Unlike the gold plated jewelry, you may not know the content of the gold on the jewelry piece.
14Karat Gold Filled jewelry is much more valuable than gold plated or gold washed jewerly because it has more gold in it. Gold Plated is a electroplating process to put a very thin layer of gold on the surface of the base metal, even a few microns thickness still wear our much more quickly than the gold filled jewerly.
14Karat Gold Filled jewerly is economical too. You can enjoy more or less the same appearance compared with the 14K Gold Jewelry but 1/3 to 1/10 os its cost. Why not enjoy 14K Gold Filled instead of gold plated jewerly from today ? 
K&K Crystal Sdn Bhd is a LeachGarner Authorized Distributor, so you can be sure you will receive genuine Gold Filled Material  for your jewelry designs.

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